Assoc. Professor Emerita Kathryn Sherer dies Feb. 28

Goshen College Associate Professor of Music Kathryn Sherer passed away on February 28, 2012 at the age of 79.  To read her full obituary, please visit the Goshen College News & Events website.

Kathryn and Lon Sherer came to Goshen in 1959 upon Lon’s appointment to the music faculty as violin teacher and orchestra conductor. Kathryn, a 1954 Goshen College graduate, taught piano in the community from that time, and was also to become a member the GC faculty.

During the decade of the 60’s, Kathryn and colleague John T. O’Brien launched GC’s piano pedagogy program, which served children in the community with piano instruction from master teachers, along with GC student interns who were being mentored in piano pedagogy. This program eventually became the core of GC’s Community School of the Arts (CSA), formed in 2003 following the construction of the Music Center.

Other important contributions to GC’s music community by Kathryn include her work with John O’Brien to establish GC’s annual Piano Workshop and Academy, which continues after more than 40 years to serve piano teachers and students.

Kathryn was also an advocate and teacher for the Acorn Music Project implemented in the fall of 2000 under the direction of Professor Beverly Lapp, which provided access to lessons for many community children. Access through need-based scholarships continues to be an integral part of today’s CSA.

In 2004 Lon and Kathryn established an endowment to support the interests of accessibility and excellence in pedagogy so prevalent in their careers. The Lon and Kathryn Sherer Preparatory Music Endowment Fund serves the study of preparatory music at Goshen College in various ways, some of which are funding guest clinicians in pedagogy, providing need-based scholarships for CSA students and master classes and coachings for preparatory students and ensembles.

Kathryn’s legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of students whom she mentored. Her vision continues through the work of the Sherer endowment fund that will provide community children direct access to the highest quality professional teaching.

The Sherer family suggests that memorial gifts be sent to the Lon and Kathryn Sherer Preparatory Music Endowment Fund at Goshen College or the MCC-East Africa Fund for Hunger.  For the Sherer Preparatory Fund, please indicate in the “Comments” box on the online form that you wish for your gift to benefit this fund in memory of Kathryn Sherer.

3 Responses to “Assoc. Professor Emerita Kathryn Sherer dies Feb. 28”

  1. I remember Kathryn with great fondness…while I did not get to know her well, my sister Nicole worked with her (and Lon) and we share many great memories of our time at Goshen. We even enjoyed a visit with Lon and Kathryn in 2000 when Nicole and her daughter, Carmen, were visiting me (in Rochester at Eastman School of Music).

    My thoughts are with Lon and family during this time and the joy of music we all share. Sincerely, Natalie

  2. Dear Lon,

    May the angels comfort your heart and those of your whole family and be with Kathryn in her new life the next world.

    Warmly, your former neighbor, Barbara Stone (Kilmer)

  3. I have fond memories of Kathryn in my piano lessons. She was always patient, kind and inspiring to me. I remember her being a stickler with proper form. While I may have been one of her challenging students she never lifted her voice, yet was firm. She taught with the love of music in her heart and always carried herself with grace. May her memory be forever eternal.