Happy fifth week of sharing Home Performances from GC Community School of the Arts students! As the Spring Semester transitions into Summer Session at the CSA, we continue to receive Home Performances from our students, and plan to share them through the summer months! If you are interested in summer lessons at the CSA, please check out our website at goshen.edu/csa or email csa@goshen.edu!

Our first featured recording is “Hommage à Fauré” by Lowell Liebermann, performed by Ingrid Lund on piano. Beautiful job, Ingrid!

Our second featured recording is the American folk song, “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, performed by Marcy Holewinski on violin. Way to go, Marcy!

Our third featured recording is “Distant Chimes” by Lynn Freeman Olson, performed by Natalie Imbur on piano. Lovely playing, Natalie!

Our fourth featured recording is “Minuet I & II” by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by Theresa Fussner on violin. Great work, Theresa!

Our fifth featured recording is the American Fiddle Tune “Boil ’em Cabbage Down”, performed by Poppy Dee Kendall on violin. Nice fiddling, Poppy Dee!

Our sixth featured recording is “The Wild Rider,” Op. 68, No. 8, by Robert Schumann, performed by Lourdes Baltazar on piano. Love the energetic playing, Lourdes!

Our seventh featured recording is “The Two Grenadiers” by Robert Schumann, performed by Maita Penny on violin. Well done, Maita!

Our eighth featured recording is the folk song “May Song,” performed by Elias Magatti on cello. Great job, Elias!

Our ninth featured recording is Fryderyk Chopin’s “Waltz in C-Sharp Minor,” Op. 64, No. 2, performed by Julia Jun on piano. Thank for your expressive playing, Julia!

Our tenth featured recording is the first movement (Presto) of Joseph Haydn’s “Sonata in E Minor”, Hob. XVI: 34, performed by Sasha Dyck on piano. Love the energy and humor, Sasha!

Our eleventh featured recording is Harold Arlen’s beloved “Somewhere over the Rainbow” (lyrics by Yip Harburg), performed by Mackenzie Kay Vaughan. Beautiful singing, Mackenzie!

Our twelfth featured recording is “Medieval Fair” by Nancy Faber, performed by Lydia Bergdall on piano. Love the exciting contrasts, Lydia!

Our thirteenth featured recording is the title song “Camelot” from Frederick Loewe’s musical of the same name (lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner), performed by Johann Cheng. Thank you for your dynamic performance, Johann!

Our fourteenth featured recording is “A 16th-Century March” by Willard Palmer and Amanda Vick Lethco, performed by Clara Hanby on piano. Thank you for sharing such a majestic march, Clara!

Keep checking this page, as we will add more student videos in the coming days!