Bach & Beethoven Ensemble

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Founded in 2009, the Bach & Beethoven Ensemble is a Chicago-based ensemble that brings artists from different traditions together to collaborate on cross-genre multidisciplinary projects. Hailed as “thrilling…charming and performed with such grace…joy and sincerity that a watcher and listener had to be won over” (Bloomington Herald Times), the BBE has performed across the Midwest and Northeast including at the Chicago Cultural Center, Early Music Academy in Ann Arbor, 4th Presbyterian series, Boston Early Music Festival fringe series, and the Bloomington Early Music Festival. This BBE trio will feature a countertenor, Baroque violin, and Baroque guitar/violone in songs and fiddle dance music from the British Isles…with an Italian twist! Selections will include arias from ‘The Gentle Shepherd,’ a pastoral comedy by Allan Ramsay considered to be the first Scottish Opera; the best violin hits of the 17th and 18th centuries by Matteis, Geminiani, and Henry Eccles; and drinking songs featured in ‘Calliope, or English Harmony.’

Performance: Bach & Beethoven Ensemble

Series: 2017-18 Rieth Chamber Series

Date: February 18, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

Location: Rieth Recital Hall

Pricing: $16

Tickets: Available January 16, 2018 at the Box Office or by phone at (574) 535-7566

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Purple Pass Event