Rieth-Hall-400x321Rieth Recital Hall provides an intimate performance and gathering space with a design reminiscent of a medieval cathedral. The flat floor and moveable seating accommodate various room arrangements. Acoustical elements adjust to suit activities planned for the space.

Rieth Recital Hall details:

  • Concert/lecture seating for 250
  • Banquet seating for 150
  • Taylor and Boody organ
  • Elliptical platform: 35 feet wide, with a maximum depth of 16 feet
  • 7’ Steinway grand piano
  • One dressing room
  • Wooden sculpture of musician/writer Samuel Pepys
  • State of the art audio equipment

Contact the Events Office at (574) 535-7881 for room availability and rental rates.

Technical specifications:

  • 16 mic inputs on stage
  • 4 bi-directional tie lines on stage
  • Multiple mic inputs around the balcony and ceiling level
  • Yamaha TF1 Digital Console
  • Large assortment of microphones (see list for Sauder Concert Hall)
  • Shure VP88 stereo room mic
  • Listen brand assisted listening transmitter
  • Audio feed to Green room
  • Two channels of Clearcom Intercom
  • Self-service options for video and audio recording and amplification, available for GC employees