Acoustics—or the science of sound—refers to the production, transmission and reception of sound. In the planning, designing and building of the Music Center, acoustic considerations were given top priority. Upon completion of the facility, the actual scientific tests and the listening ears concluded that the acoustic results throughout the Music Center had exceeded all expectations, even as expectations had been very high. Read these quotes, and learn more about acoustics below.


  • “Sauder Concert Hall is a jewel of a hall and one of the best in the country!” Matt Oltman, tenor and assistant conductor, Chanticleer, GRAMMY® Award-winning male vocal ensemble
  • “The concert hall is a lovely space with an intimate feel and glowing acoustics. I wish we could pick it up and take it back with us!” Jeannette Sorrell, Music Director, Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra
  • “Sauder Concert Hall must be one of the great halls of the world. It has incredibly warm and true acoustics. The ambient quality of the warmth is unique to the hall.”Vance George, conductor, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Chorus
  • “A beautiful place to ‘swing.’” Wynton Marsalis, artistic director of Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

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