One secret to the success of the Music Center acoustics came as a result of a critical decision made early in the building process. Even before the design architects were selected for the project, The Talaske Group of Oak Park, Illinois, was contracted as the acoustic consultant. Rick Talaske, president and principal consultant for The Talaske Group, together with Goshen College, subsequently ensured that acoustical considerations were central to all planning for the new facility. The Talaske Group was involved throughout the entire process, reviewing all drawings during the design phase and monitoring all construction procedures and practices throughout the building process. The end results were beautiful looking and beautiful sounding spaces that will be enjoyed and appreciated for decades to come.

The Talaske Group believes that each moment of a live performance is unique and occupies its own place in linear time. Live performances expose us to the gamut of human emotion and experience, and it calibrates our senses to appreciate not only the sights and sounds around us, but also their meaning. An intimate connection to the music is an elusive quality found only in the finest performance spaces.

A music facility has the potential to be a landmark facility, an integral part of the community’s fabric, and a source of pride. The Goshen College Music Center is just this for its home community in Goshen, Indiana, and all of Elkhart County.

“Our art revolves around the human perception of sound and an intimate appreciation of what sounds are considered beautiful, necessary for communication or ultimately extraneous.”