Orff Private Music Lessons (including for Diverse Needs and Abilities)

There are currently no scheduled Orff-Schulwerk offerings for the Fall 2018 semester. If interested in pursuing Orff lessons or classes, please contact CSA Director Mary Rose Norell.

The Orff-Schulwerk, or simply the Orff Approach, is an approach to music education for children developed by German composer Carl Orff in the early 20th century. It combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that overlap with the way that children typically play, making it a “child-centered way of learning music.”

Using the Orff Approach, the instructor will work with you or your child on music concepts such as steady beat, improvising, rhythm patterns and melodic patterns using movement, xylophones, singing and drumming. These 30-minute private lessons meet weekly, and a semester of instruction includes 12 lessons.


The CSA Orff Ensemble is a music ensemble for grades 2-5 centered around the teachings of the Orff-Schulwerk school. The ensemble is also directed by Ashley Unruh.

In an Orff-Schulwerk ensemble, students learn music through what they do instinctively: play! Students will create movement, improvise melodies, sing a variety of music, explore musical ideas, and more!

A typical class session would begin with some type of created movement to establish a rhythm in the body. Next, words or a melody would be added to create a song or speech piece. Taking this piece further, we may chose to improvise on the xylophones to the rhythm of a short poem or perhaps we would create our own speech piece and add a melody to the words. The possibilities are endless in an Orff Schulwerk ensemble, because it all depends where the music takes us!

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